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Our Story

We’re a movement created by women, for women, who are confident in themselves and not afraid to show it.

We have fearlessly defied the standards put upon us by others time and time again. In every way of life, we formed our own paths and purpose — including in our beauty routines.

And in our years working hands-on in the beauty industry, we noticed a disturbing trend.

Despite countless products purchased and thousands of dollars spent, women still didn’t have a product that met their needs.

False claims and harmful ingredients were the norms so we did what we always do — we found our own way, looked elsewhere, and discovered the safe, natural anti-oxidative power of CBD.

Unlike other chemical beauty additives, this non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant offers anti-oxidative effects more powerful than vitamin C and E and is a source of fatty acids and other nutrients that can be beneficial for whole-body health and wellness.

We believe (badass) women like you deserve to let your confidence shine — so we created BOAST to help you do so.

  • We provide women with natural, CBD-powered beauty options that help women feel as beautiful as they are.

  • We are transparent and honest, committed to nurturing inner + outer wellness

  • We banish misleading and harmful beauty marketing that tells women who to be or how to act

Welcome to safer, natural products for hair strength, growth, and shine that actually WORK.